Free PDF: How to Disappear Guide by Frank M. Ahearn

*Please note: At the time of writing this article there was a free PDF on Scribd with a short guide on how to disappear but it has since been taken down. Apologies for this, but unfortunately Dystopic has no control over that content.*

Have you ever wished that you could just completely disappear from your current life and begin all over again elsewhere? Frank M. Ahearn believes this is possible and has written a guide on how to ensure your past is completely untraceable.

Ahearn is an author and ‘Privacy Expert’, a title that I believe to be fictional but nonetheless is the job description he has given himself on his website. He offers a range of digital services such as ‘Proactive Manipulation, Reactive Manipulation, Travel and Social Manipulation’ as well as ‘disappear services’, which in basic terms means he helps his clients put together a plan that will help him or her evaporate from society.

On top of this Ahearn is the author of How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without a Trace and His Weapons for Combating the Digital World, two extremely fascinating how-to/self-help books that are worth a look for the overall thought-provoking premise alone. He details things that one would never even consider when planning to run away, and he relays continuously that to disappear completely is a slow, unemotional and perfected process – definitely not something to be hurried in the heat of the moment.

There is no doubt that Ahearn is one of the best in his field (not that the general public have much use of his services) and, if you were going to get advice about this sort of thing from anyone, he would surely be the go-to guy. He certainly has a great deal of experience to accompany his intriguing advice on how to dissacioate from the dystopian Big Brother-esque digital age we seem to have found ourselves in, and he clearly appreciates that there are a multitude of reasons for people to want and need an escape route.

If you are toying with the idea of fleeing from yourself but are not quite committed enough to purchase a book or to hold a meeting with a Privacy Expert, there is a free PDF from Scribd written by Ahearn entitled The How to Disappear Guide. It is a shorter, slightly simplified version of his published books but is no less fascinating.

If anything, it’s nice to know that there are options for when it all gets a bit too much.

Radiohead – How to Disappear Completely

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