Author Profile: Aldous Huxley

aldous huxley

Name: Aldous Leonard Huxley
Nationality: English
Born/Died: 1894-1963
Famous for:  Brave New World (1932), The Doors of Perception (1954), Oxford Poetry (magazine editor, 1916), The Devils of Loudun (1952)
What makes him a revolutionary: Huxley was always destined to do significant things with his life what with his incredible family tree, amazing education and set of influential chums (Bertrand Russell, D.H. Lawrence, Christopher Isherwood), but the man did also suffer hardships, such as the difficulties he experienced with his eyesight after having keratitis at a young age. His near-blindness, however, only seemed to heighten his perception of the world, and as a prolific philosopher and LSD-taker Huxley continuously challenged the idea of human consciousness throughout his life. He is now most famous for having penned Brave New World, but he is the author of an enormous amount of essays…a great chunk of these are about being off his face on drugs, but they’re nonetheless substantial works that are indicative of the time.

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