About Emily Babb


My name is Emily Babb. By day I am a Copywriter and by night, lunch break, weekend and bank holiday I am a blogger, novelist and social media obsessive.

I love literature. It’s the only thing that’s ever made sense to me, and from the moment I could read and write everything else became unimportant and uninteresting (which was demonstrated by my fairly poor grades in mathematics and my largely fictional group of friends).

As well as being an avid reader I have always written short stories, novels and blogs, although many of these earlier attempts were deleted in a fit of teenage self-loathing. However, in 2012 while travelling in Iceland, I (along with Shelf Abuse‘s help) created Dystopic to openly revel in the devastatingly savage yet beautiful world of dystopian fiction. Feel free to read the About Dystopic page for more information about the blog itself.

I am currently writing my debut novel, These Unnatural Men, which will be available to purchase on Amazon in 2017. You can read the companion story ‘Waiting’ by clicking here.

I like a good debate and, like any self-respecting writer, bloody adore compliments, so if you would like to get in contact you can do so via email and Twitter. I also accept negative comments, so go nuts.

Thanks for reading my babblings, I really hope you enjoy the blog.




Dystopian book and film reviews