About Dystopic

Welcome to Dystopic. You have stumbled across a website that becomes unnervingly excited not only by the inevitable destruction of the human race, but also by the likelihood of its restoration.

From novels, films and music to news stories, historical events and political predictions – evidence of a dystopic reality is everywhere, and we grow ever more intrigued by the negative and positive influences that our species has not only on itself but also on the environment it inhabits.

This website is by no means consumed with conspiracy or hatred but rather endeavors to be a reflection of a theoretical cause and effect. The  dystopian genre, much like other components of science fiction, is a vast feeding trough for the imagination by providing an endless supply of ‘what-if’s and ‘could-be’s. It is these ‘what-if’s that have inspired the creation of the site and is the main driving force behind the articles you will read within it.

All in all this is a site for forming opinions and exploring differing point of views, and it is hoped that the reviews and features can bring about innovative thinking and spark interesting, relevant discussions that go further than the realms of fiction.

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.

– Aldous Huxley


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