Into the Storm Trailer: How Not to Sell a Movie

First things first, please see below for the Into the Storm trailer.


Obviously I am very interested in dystopian and apocalypse-themed movies, what with this being a website on dystopian fiction and all, but I didn’t get excited by Into the Storm at all. Here’s why this movie, or maybe just the maker of the trailer, has massively failed to grab my attention:

  1. At the beginning of any trailer there has to be something that immediately draws you in, either something exciting or frightening or emotive. What does this trailer provide? A bunch of teens at their graduation. No one watching could have any strong opinions about the setting and, as there are no particular characters focused on in the scene, it remains just a sea of bland faces with strange hats atop their heads. Cut to….
  2. Rain. A siren. Shouting. Running. Okay, it seems pretty hairy outside, but I really don’t care about the survival of anyone involved. I don’t particularly enjoy the idea of faceless fictional people dying, but I just can’t summon up enough interest to empathise with a mass of kids running from an unknown, unexplained danger.
  3. The teenagers are made to lie down facing a row of lockers that I don’t think are attached to the wall. This doesn’t seem like the safest of plans and, if I’m already picking holes in the trailer, god knows how unrealistic the film will be.
  4. A teacher, a run-of-the-mill highschool teacher, discovers that his son is trapped due to the storm and immediately turns into a superhero action star in order to rescue him. Well, at least we finally know who our protagonist will be.
  5. Storm chasers are introduced as figures of authority. It’s suddenly turned into Twister.
  6. “I’ve studied storms all my life,” said the pretty actress from Prison break, “and this one is bigger than any storm there has ever been.” So big it seems to be defying the laws of physics…

Yes, it’s supposed to be a throwaway action movie, but come on! It’s lifeless, pointless and so uninspiring. I don’t care if a movie has some cliche characters or a predictable plot or even if it lacks in direction, I just want a novel idea that intrigues me enough to spend an hour and a half of my time at the cinema instead of flicking through Netflix at home. Is anyone actually going to see this?

At least Mockingjay is out in November, and the teaser trailer has an air of confidence and intrigue about it:


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