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The focal point for Dystopic is dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction. Anything fictional or non-fictional of this genre is welcomed for review, as well as other genres and subject matters that touch on similar themes.

Currently Dystopic are able to review the following:

  • Short stories
  • Novellas
  • Extracts of novels (i.e. first chapters)
  • Comics and graphic novels
  • Films/documentaries
  • Artwork

Currently the site does not review:

  • Novels
  • Fan Fiction
  • Parodies

We wish to promote original and unique content above all else, but unfortunately due to time constraints we are unable to review complete novels. Instead, we accept Excerpts, Press Releases and Guest Blogs. With all of these we require the following:

  • A brief biography of the author
  • A brief synopsis of the novel
  • Links to your website/online outlet for the novel
  • A cover image or promotional image to be used by the site


If you would like to send us an excerpt of your novel to post on the site, please ensure it is no longer than 800 words and that there is suitable context provided.

Press Releases

Simply email press releases with your information to us, there is no need to request beforehand. If it will be put on the site you will be informed but please note it may be edited.

Guest Blogs

Authors are welcome to guest blog for Dystopic. Again, please ensure that the blog is no longer than 800 words and adheres to the following:

  • Contains original and interesting content
  • Does not solely focus on the novel you wish to promote – although you can refer to it where relevant
  • Fits to our style and ethos
  • Contains correct spelling and grammar
  • Does not use defamatory or offensive language

Please email all review submissions to

4 thoughts on “Review Requests”

  1. How many chapters can I send for review?
    Also, I would like to be a guest blogger when my novel debuts. If that is possible? I would really love the opportunity.

    Still working on the website..

    1. Hi Regie,
      Feel free to send up to three chapters and a guest blog (that is dystopian themed) to and we’ll go from there! If you can send the book cover, a blurb and a bit about yourself too that would be great.

  2. Dear Emily

    We are the publisher of Truth Sister by Phil Gilvin and he mentioned you may be interested in reviewing the book? If so, please could you confirm the address we should send it to?

    Many thanks

    Richard Willis

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