BBC Interview with Hugh Howey, author of Wool

Hugh Howey is one of those self-published authors who have made it through sheer hard work and has managed to survive it all unscathed due to a level-headed attitude toward the ever-changing publishing industry. I like Hugh Howey.

In a recent BBC article Howey discusses his short story Wool and how it turned into a five-part series of novels. He then goes on to describe how it felt when the director Ridley Scott won the rights to turn his dystopian vision into a mainstream movie…perhaps, maybe, possibly. These ‘film rights’ don’t always bear fruit unfortunately, but here’s hoping.

Although the question ‘Science fiction is usually on its own bookshelf – do you see it going mainstream?’ did anger me a tad, Howey took the question with an even temperament and suggested that science fiction is in fact mainstream, it’s just not called as such when it becomes popular. I like Hugh Howey.

Dystopic is gearing up for a review of Wool in the future so watch this space. To purchase the book on Amazon click here.

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